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среда, 6 декабря 2023
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Эксклюзив Citycoco, 2023, 50 000 руб.
3000 Watts Newest fat Tyre Citycoco Electric Scooter

This Electric Scooters come fully Equipped.

High quality, powerful, durable, affordable, and fast electric scooters; supported by the best customer service and parts availability…. then look no further!
A powerful electronic engine, which does not make noise and does not harm the environment.

Motor power is 3000W and the battery is 40ah.

in Price is: $500USD

-3000w Citycoco electric motor
2x 20ah battery
12' alu wheels -alarm
turn lights
LED light
stop light
2x mirrors

We can deliver anywhere in the World

Very smooth and accelerates quickly.

Contact if interested

Email: transportavenueltd@gmail.com

Contact Person: Elizabeth Calkins
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